Drawing of organ pipes emerging from a rubble pile of brick.

Moller’s Sustained Wind

DeGibnio recently submitted a proposal for Moller’s Sustained Wind, an interactive sculpture, honoring the Moller Organ Factory, to be placed along Hagerstown’s Cultural Trail.  The proposal was inspired by a piece he created in the River of Rocks Sculpture Park, created from salvaged organ pipes.

Drawing of organ pipes emerging from a rubble pile of brick.
Initial proposal illustration for Moller’s Sustained Wind.
Seven organ pipes, ranging from 2 feet to 6 feet in height, emerge from the leaf litter in a winter forest.
Installation of organ pipes in the River of Rocks Sculpture Park.

The proposal evolved a bit to enable the viewer to create the sounds of a pipe organ.

View the current proposal. 

The name was derived from the essence of a pipe organ:

A pipe organ produces sound by driving “wind’ (pressurized air) through a combination of pipes, which each have a specific pitch and are selected via a keyboard. The primary difference between a harpsichord or piano, which are also played via keyboard, is that the organ has a sustained supply of wind, as opposed to the stringed instruments, whose sound begins to dissipate as soon as the key is pressed.

Moller’s Sustained Wind represents the cultural spirit of Hagerstown, which has been a constant presence in Washington County despite its loss of industry and population.

Although this piece wasn’t selected for the grant, the committee was still excited about his proposal and want it to be realized. The city is willing to sponsor the foundation and infrastructure for the piece, but we need to fund-raise for the materials, sound system, and artist’s fees.

If you would like to financially help to make this a reality, please complete this form and we’ll tell you how you can do that.



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