Going Down The Organ Trail

The digital search for organ pipes for Moller’s Sustained Wind has led me down many pipe organ-related rabbit trails. There’s so much other pipe organ information and people passionate about these instruments.

Most impressive for me is the Pipe Organ Database, managed by the Organ Historical Society. Data records might include location; the number of ranks and manuals; whether it’s intact or been dispersed for parts; photographs; and other detailed information. I’m crazy-impressed at the work collecting and organizing this information.

A quick search using the terms “moller” and “maryland” resulted in 848 hits. With 80 of those in their home of Hagerstown. Maybe not surprising that there’s so many around Moller’s home office. But there were three in my hometown of Wausau,WI. These organs were EVERYWHERE.

A search for #pipeorgan and #organbuilder on Instagram surprised me. There’s more young people, who play and fix pipe organs, than I expected. (See Joe Granger, “35. Native and lover of Michigan.  Organist and organ builder.”)  And the physicality of playing these instruments is crazy! Fingers dancing over the two (or more) keyboards, both feet tapping out on the dozens of pedals. Takes serious skill, and devotion to learn this instrument.

As you can tell, I’m pretty enamored with Degibnio’s upcoming project. And it’s led me down some rabbit trails and potential projects I’ll share in another post.

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