Recharge at the Jewel

Is your sleep cycle all messed up? Have you heard how a week of camping can reset your bodyclock?

After a week of exposure to only natural light, our internal circadian clocks align with solar time, the study found. In other words, our internal biological night begins at sunset, and ends when we wake just after sunrise.

Maybe you’re like me and you prefer walls and floors to canvas and dirt? You can have the best of both worlds by staying at the Jewel Guesthouse and not turning on the lights!

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Large windows and skylights will let you know when it’s time to wake and time to sleep. But you still have use of the shower, stove, and other modern conveniences. If you really want to unplug, we’ll keep your smartphone out of site, but let you know if an emergency comes up.

All the guests we’ve opened our home to have loved it! It’s a one-bedroom space with private entrance, and these amenities

  • full (but compact) kitchen with dishes and variety of appliances;
  • living room with dining space;
  • porch with cafe table and charcoal grill;
  • washer and dryer;
  • bathroom with shower;
  • extensive library on art, architecture, travel and historic preservation;
  • art supplies and a guitar for your creative expressions;
  • full access to the River of Rocks Sculpture Park.

The bedroom has a full-size bed and a queen size air mattress can be set up for additional guests. If we’re home we’ll invite you in to see our home and art collection. That could turn into a glass of wine and conversation while sitting on our verandah. I try to leave a special treat like fruit from nearby orchards or some home-baked treats for all our guests.

The front entrance to the guesthouse.
IMG_8917 (683x1024)
View from the front door. The large abstract mural was painted by David.
IMG_8923 (683x1024)
The bedroom is light and airy.
IMG_8925 (683x1024)
A desk to work on your novel, perhaps?
IMG_8928 (1024x683)
Just a portion of the library.
IMG_8929 (683x1024)
The compact bathroom has a shower and washer/dryer.
IMG_8931 (683x1024)
The sun room is waiting for your yoga mat.