The Art of DeGibnio

Creating and building have been part of David’s life since childhood. In grade school, he drew this picture, copied from a magazine. If you look closely, you can see the detail he put into the window putty–perhaps he knew he would become an expert on repairing wood windows.  On the right, the photograph of David shows three pieces that still live in our home.

Through his adulthood, David has alternated his focus between his two passions: art and historic preservation. As he learned practical skills like woodworking  and masonry, David was also taking art courses at Indiana University near his home in South Bend, Indiana; at the Chicago Institute of Art; and at the Maryland Institute of College of Art in Baltimore. He honed his skills with figure drawing, expressed his frustrations with social issues through painting, and created fun, surprising assemblages with items cast-off from a time when consumer goods were built beautifully and solidly.

Currently, David’s focus has been two-fold–assemblage collage and environmental installation art. When he completed the Jewel Vinsota he finally had large studio space and wall space. David was able to go big AND go home! He had been collecting materials from various projects and dumpsters:

  • standing-seam roofing with layers of paint and rust that create gorgeous variations in color and texture
  • dried out built-up tar roofs that resemble rhinoceros hide
  • broken windshields and smashed car parts
  • roofing felt, old kitchen linoleum
  • stones, downed limbs, and stuff carried down Beaver Creek
  • whatever catches his eye
“First”. Installation in the River of Rocks Sculpture Park, composed of native limbs and scrap iron.

Contact us to come view Degibnio’s artwork and installations.